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This website currently does not have online checkout.  To place an order, please send an email to Dan at with a list of the item(s) you would like to purchase (be sure to specify aged or un-aged), your location (state or country), and your Paypal address.  I will then send a Paypal invoice to you for the order.   If you have question about any part or have a custom-order request, feel free to contact me via email.  Thank you.


MojoAxe CWT 1950's Style Compensated Tailpiece

The MojoAxe CWT compensated wraparound tailpiece is a modern replacement for vintage Gibson Les Paul Juniors, Specials, Goldtops, and Melody Makers as well as Historic Reissues with wraparound tailpieces.  It is designed to correct the intonation issue associated with Gibson’s 1950’s style wraparound tailpiece while maintaining the aesthetics of an original vintage original part.  An offset ridge allows for near-perfect intonation while a crisp radius at the break point ensures that the sitar-like buzz common to many original wraptails is not a problem.  The CWT tailpiece is CNC machined from 7075 aircraft grade lightweight aluminum bar stock.  The nickel plated finish is available in either aged or un-aged form.


CWT-A Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece - Aged Nickel finish - $139
CWT-LH-A Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece, Left Hand - Aged Nickel finish - $139
CWT-UA Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece - Un-aged nickel finish - $129
CWT-LH-UA Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece - Left Hand,  Un-aged nickel finish - $129

 MojoAxe CWT Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece compared to an original vintage wraparound



The MojoAxe CWT compensated wraparound tailpiece makes the cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine!

  Jimmy Vivino has MojoAxe tailpieces installed on several of his vintage Gibby's, including his #1 guitar, a '53 Goldtop


In this YouTube interview with Guitar Player Magazine, Jimmy talks about planning and rehearsing the music for each night's Conan Show.  He also takes us on a tour of the back room for a peek at his guitar collection which includes that beautiful '53 Goldtop.

Artists using MojoAxe Compensated Tailpieces include:

Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones

Michael McCready - Pearl Jam
Jimmy Vivino - Basic Cable Band (Conan)
Peter Stroud - Sheryl Crow, Don Henley
Keith Nelson - Buckcherry
Michael Dimkich - Bad Religion
Charles Gray - Blackberry Smoke
Lenny Kravitz
Doug Aldrich - Dead Daisies, Whitesnake
Audley Freed - Sheryl Crow, Black Crowes
Bennett Lewis - Maren Morris
Brian Ray - Paul McCartney
Rick Holmstrom - Mavis Staples
Lukas Nelson
Mark Chatfield - The Godz, Bob Segar
Brad Gillis - Night Ranger, Ozzy Osborne
Ben Carey - Lifehouse, Savage Garden, Vertical Horizon
Jacob Peterson - Steve Miller Band
Neil Schon - Journey


CWT-A bridge on Keith Richard's 1956 Les Paul TV Junior


MojoAxe CTT-A Compensated Top-Wrap Trapeze Tailpiece

The MojoAxe Trapeze Tailpiece is designed to improve the playability of 1952-1953 Les Paul Goldtops by replacing the original “wrap-under” bridge with a compensated “top-wrap” bridge which dramatically improving the tuning of the guitar and allows for palm muting of the strings. The CTT tailpiece is CNC machined from 7075 aircraft grade lightweight aluminum bar stock.  The tailpiece is designed to fit onto the existing trapeze rods (rods are not included) and it is adjustable for both intonation and height.  The standard finish is aged (un-aged available on request)  $165





Here are a few videos featuring demonstrations of the CTT tailpiece:

Comparison of the CTT bridge to the stock brass bar bridge (credit: Tone Twins TV)

Demonstration of a beautiful 1952 Goldtop with the CTT tailpiece (credit: Emerald City Guitars):

Demonstration of the CTT tailpiece installed onto a Gibson USA '52 Tribute Goldtop (credit: Paul Stafford Cook)


MojoAxe CWT60-A Compensated 60's Wraparound Tailpiece

The CWT60-A Wraparound tailpiece is identical to the stock "lightning bolt" wrapround tailpiece as used on 1960's Gibson wraparound guitars except that it is compensated for modern 3-wound/3-plain string sets rather than 4-wound/2-plain string sets.

$60 (aged nickel finish)

$50 (un-aged nickel or chrome finish)


Which style tailpiece do I need?

Although both the MojoAxe CWT and the CWT60 tailpieces will physical fit onto any Gibson wraptail-style guitar, you must choose one model or the other depending on the positon of the studs.  The CWT will intonate properly on guitars with 1950's-style offset studs.  The CWT60 works on guitars with 1960's-style studs which are positioned even with each other.

Gibson USA "Original Collection" Juniors, Specials, SG Juniors...
For some reason on the recent USA models, Gibson has the studs offset at a less than the optimum angle (the bass stud should be a bit farther back), however the adjustment range of the MojoAxe CWT tailpiece will still allow for it to be set up with correct intonation.



MojoAxe VibroStop Sideways Vibrola Conversion Kit

          for 1960-1962 Gibson SGs

The sideways vibrola unit installed onto the early 1960's Gibson SGs is notorious for causing tuning issues and in some cases making these otherwise wonderful guitars pretty much unplayable.  The MojoAxe VibroStop Conversion Kit allows for an easy conversion of the stock Gibson sideways vibrola unit to a solid stop type setup.   All of the springs and moving parts of the stock vibrola unit are replaced with a single solid block.  The VibroStop conversion tailpiece block is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade 7075 tempered aluminum barstock and plated with  a nickel finish.  Once installed, the tuning stability is dramatically improved and on par with an ABR/stopbar setup.  Additionally, the VibroStop increases the downward angle of the strings behind the bridge resulting in improved sustain and tone.  The MojoAxe VibroStop Conversion Kit includes the stoptail block and all necessary fasteners. Installation can be done with ordinary tools. $125


MojoAxe VibroStop Conversion Kit for the modern

            Reissue SG Sideways Vibrola

The MojoAxe Reissue VibroStop Locking Kit consists of two nickel-plated machined brass clamp blocks and necessary fasteners. The clamp blocks replace the stock bearing block which is located in the center of the Vibrola unit and is fastened to the body with two wood screws. Installation instructions are included with the kit. It’s quite simple to install and can be done in about 10-15 minutes. The kit was designed with several goals in mind:

- Lock the Vibrola unit, preventing it from moving front-to-back, top-to-bottom, and side-to-side, thus stabilizing the tuning.
- Pull the Vibrola unit downwards to Increase the break angle of the strings behind the bridge. This helps to stabilize the tuning and to increase sustain.
- Make the modification completely reversible so that the Vibrola function can be restored if desired.


The kit consists of the two clamp blocks plus the necessary fasteners to assemble it. $79


Video demonstration of the Reissue VibroStop on a 2019 '61 Reissue SG (credit: GuitarGathering)












Miscellaneous Parts



Aged Un-aged Item Description
$15 $13 Studs (pair) - Vintage spec, nickel plated steel, 1" long thread
$15 $13 Studs (pair) - Modern length, nickel plated steel, 7/8" long thread
$6 $4 Threaded Bushings (pair), vintage length, 1/2" diameter x 1" long
$12 $10 Knob pointers - Nickel finish (set of 4)
$12 $10 Pickguard bracket - Nickel finish, includes screws
$50 $45 Wireless ABR-1 style bridge - Nickel finish, includes thin thumbwheels and studs
$15 $13 Thin brass thumbwheels for ABR bridges (pair)
$45 $40 Lightweight aluminum stopbar
$22 $18 Cream Jackplate
$22 $18 3-ply BWB Jackplate
$4 $3 Pickguard Screws (10 pcs)
$10 $8 Coarse-knurl toggle switch nut - nickel finish


MojoAxe Strap Lock Kits

Many Gibson guitars use #8 x 1-1/2" (or 1-1/4") screws to fasten the strap buttons to the guitar body, however Schaller and Grover strap lock buttons only fit smaller diameter #6 screws.  Neither the body nor the head of the larger #8 screw will fit inside the button.  All to often, the solution people rely upon is use the smaller #6 screw tuck toothpicks into the hole so that it is tight. 

MojoAxe straplock buttons accomodate a larger size #8 screw which has a custom-size head that fits the buttons.  MojoAxe buttons are fully compatible with both Grover and Schaller straplock systems.  The MojoAxe Straplock kit includes (2) Grover strap locks and (4) buttons with #8 x 1-1/2" screws, so its good for one strap and two guitars.  Nickel finish.

* Some Gibson guitars have a #8 screw attaching the strap button to the lower bout and a #6 screw attaching the neck button.  The MojoAxe straplock button is compatible with the #6 screw so the stock screw may be used if desired, although installation using the larger #8 screw is recommended for the most reliable attachment.

Un-aged Aged Item Description
$24 $28 MojoAxe Straplock Kit - includes (2) strap locks and (4) buttons with screws
$8 $10 MojoAxe Straplock Buttons only -  includes (2) buttons with screws

Don't rely on toothpicks to keep your Les Paul from hitting the floor!


MojoAxe Bell Truss Rod Cover

The MojoAxe truss rod cover replicates the correct profile and 20° bevel of the 1950's bell truss rod cover.  

$35 Blank TRC (un-aged)
$40 Blank TRC (aged)
$45 Engraved TRC (un-aged)
$50 Engraved TRC (aged)



MojoAxe Replica Pickguards for Les Paul Guitars

MojoAxe replica pickguards are routed from sheet material just as Gibson fabricated their pickguards in the 1950's.  The edges of the guards have chatter marks from machining just as the original guards did in the 1950's.  MojoAxe pickguards makes a great upgrade for those looking for a more authentic look of their Gibson Historic and USA Les Pauls. 

Why does MojoAxe offer so many variations of Les Paul pickguards?  Because Gibson has changed the screw location, pickup spacing, and the outer profile of the Les Paul pickguard many times over the past 60 years. Most aftermarket "Les Paul" pickguards are made in one size and the likelyhood that they will fit your guitar properly is slim.   MojoAxe guards are available in a variety of sizes for specific models and years to ensure an accurate fit. 

The price for any standard MojoAxe pickguard is $50 with an aged finish or $40 un-aged.  5-Ply BWBWB guards are available in any standard profile for $50 aged, or $45 un-aged.  All profiles are available in left-handed versions at no extra charge.  If you have a special order or have questions regarding which guard would be the best fit for your guitar, please contact me at


MojoAxe Historic Fit Pickguards


- These are routed with the same pickup spacing and mounting hole positions as the stock Historic pickguards.


PGH09 Fits 2009 and newer Historic Les Pauls with humbucker pickups.  Pickup spacing is 2-5/16" (58.7mm)
PGH99 Fits 1999-2008 Historic Les Pauls with humbucker pickups.  Pickup spacing is 2-1/4" (57.1mm)
PGH96 Fits 1996 Historic Les Pauls with humbucker pickups.  Pickup spacing is 2-11/32" (59.5mm)
PGH56 Fits Gibson Historic R6 / R4 Les Pauls with P90 pickups
PGH98 This pickguard is custom designed for an improved fit on 1998 Historic Les Pauls, which from the factory had a 1/8" gap at the bridge pickup.  The guard is the same as the PGH99, except that it has been stretched 1/8" towards the bridge pickup, thus eliminating the gap.
PGOXB This pickguard is custom designed specifically to fit the Jeff Beck Oxblood model.  The pickup space measures 2-7/16" (61.9mm).  This guard is designed to eliminate the 3/16" gap seen at the bridge pickup with the stock guard.


                                            2005 Murphy Aged R9 with MojoAxe PGH99 pickguard



MojoAxe Historic "Vintage Fit" Pickguards

MojoAxe "Vintage Fit" guards are made to fit Historic Les Pauls with a "looser" fit as typically seen on the original 1958-1960 sunburst Les Pauls.  The outer fin profile of the PGH99VF and PGH09VF is exactly per an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul pickguard.  The neck pickup cutout is wider than the ring itself thus creating a gap on the south side of the ring. 

PGH09VF Fits 2009 and newer Historic Les Pauls with humbucker pickups. 
PGH99VF Fits 1999-2008 Historic Les Pauls with humbucker pickups.  Looser "vintage fit".  


                                2005 Murphy Aged R9 with MojoAxe PGH99VF "Vintage Fit" guard


                                 An original 1959 sunburst Les Paul (note the gap at the neck pickup)



MojoAxe Pickguards for Gibson USA models

PGUSA Fits Gibson USA Standard, Classic, and Studio models. Pickup spacing is 2-3/8" (60.3mm)
PGUSAP90 Fits Gibson USA models with P90s (50's Tribute)


                                                            1991 Classic with MojoAxe PGUSA guard



MojoAxe Vintage Replica Pickguards

These pickguards are routed to the exact profiles of original vintage Les Paul pickguards

PGV59 Replica of a 1959 cream humbucker pickguard
PGV56 Replica of a 1956 cream P90 pickguard
PGV54 Replica of a 1954 cream P90 pickguard
PGV52 Replica of a 1952 cream P90 pickguard
PGV68 Replica of a 1968 cream P90 pickguard
PGVJR54 Replica of a 1954-1956 singlecut Junior pickguard (black)
PGVJR57 Replica of a 1957-1958 singlecut Junior pickguard (black)


                           MojoAxe Vintage Replica pickguards along with an assortment of original vintage pickguards


                                                   MojoAxe replica parts made for a 1957 Les Paul Junior restoration project





MojoAxe Tortoise Pickguard for DC Junior

I have a very limited amount of translucent celluloid tortoise material available.  Please inquire about pricing and availability


PGHDCJR-T Tortoise Pickguard for Historic Double-cut Junior
PGVDCJR-T Tortoise Pickguard for 1959 Vintage Double-cut Junior
PGBJA-T Tortoise Pickguard for Billie Joe Armstrong Double-cut Junior






MojoAxe Gibson Flying V Replica Pickguard and Jack Plate Set - $110


This set includes a 4-ply pickguard with a 30° bevel and a 4-ply jackplate cut with a 45° bevel.  Sets are available in BWBW, WBWB, or mixed.






MojoAxe Gibson Explorer Replica Pickguard, Control Cover, and Jack Plate - $100


These parts are made per pickguard tracing of an original 1958 Gibson Explorer.  The set includes a 4-ply pickguard with a 30° bevel, a 4-ply control cover, and a 3-ply BWB jackplate. Sets are available in BWBW,  WBWB, or mixed.





MojoAxe Goldtop Blackout Kit for Humbucker'd Les Pauls - $75 (un-aged), $85 (aged)


Includes a MojoAxe beveled edge five layer black pickguard, 3-ply jackplate (not-shown) , (2) tall M-69 pickup rings, and a

switch washer. Available in three different sizes to ensure perfect alignment of the pickup cutouts and the mounting hole. 


PGH99BLK-K Fits 1999-2008 Historic Les Pauls.  Pickup spacing is 2-1/4" (58.7mm)
PGH09BLK-K Fits 2009 and newer Historic Les Pauls.  Pickup spacing is 2-5/16" (58.7mm)
PGUSABLK-K Fits Gibson USA Standard, Classic, and Studio models. Pickup spacing is 2-3/8" (60.3mm)


                                                2003 R7 with MojoAxe PGH99BLK-K Blackout Kit installed




MojoAxe Goldtop Blackout Kit for P90 Les Pauls - $75 (un-aged), $85 (aged)


Includes a MojoAxe beveled edge five layer black pickguard, 3-ply MojoAxe jackplate , (2) black P90 pickup covers, and a black toggle

switch washer. Available to fit both Historic and USA Les Pauls.


PGH90BLK-K Fits Gibson Historic Les Pauls
PGUSAP90BLK-K Fits Gibson USA Les Pauls





Control Cavity Covers


Black backplates for Les Paul guitars.  Available in both lightly aged and un-aged finish.


HTSC Toggle switch cover plate to fit Historic Les Pauls $16
HCCP09 Control cover plate - Fits 2009 and later Historic Les Pauls $20
HCCP08 Control cover plate - Fits 2008 and earlier Historic Les Pauls $20
VTSCP Toggle switch cover plate - Fits 1954 to 1960 vintage Les Pauls $16
VCCP Control cover plate - Fits 1954 to 1960 vintage Les Pauls $20



Custom Order Pickguards


Do you have a conversion or replica with an odd pickup spacing?  A unique Les Paul in need of a special guard?  Contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate your guitar.  Here are a few examples of special ordered pickguards that I have made for customers.


                                                              Heavily aged 5-ply pickguard made for a 3 pickup Black Beauty Custom 



                                                                          1968 cream P90 guard converted into a 1959 'burst guard



                                                                Replica pickguard and control cover made for the restoration of a 1960 Les Paul Special



                                                                   Replica pickguard made for a 1959 Les Paul Special Restoration




                            A 1950's vintage L7 pickguard was converted to a Les Paul profile for the restoration of a 1956 Les Paul Custom


                            A 1950's vintage ES-175 pickguard was converted to a Les Paul profile for a 1952-to-1957 Goldtop Conversion



                                                                             1950's style ES-335 long guard made for an ES-333


                   This 1960's style wide-bevel pickguard made to fit a modern '61 Reissue SG which comes from the factory with a narrow bevel pickguard


                             This custom pickguard was made for a 1959 Melody Maker that had been converted to a soapbar P90 pickup


                                                                         A replica 2-ply pickguard for a 1963 SG Junior restoration




                  Wide-bevel ES-335 style pickguard made to replace the amoeba-shaped pickguard on an Epiphone "Dot" model




          Pickguard made for a Custom Shop Single Pickup '54 Goldtop            1-ply Black P90 guard made for a "blacked out" Historic '56 Reissue



This is a fin shaped Les Paul style pickguard that was made to replace the wave-shaped guard on a Heritage brand "Les Paul"